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COLETANCHE geomembranes are the gold standard for waterproofing all types of canals (irrigation, distribution, and navigation) in France and around the world. They can be installed in highly abrasive environments.

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Bituminous geomembrane for canals

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Superior puncture and tear propagation resistance

COLETANCHE geomembranes can be installed without interwoven, protective geotextile layers. Since they are internally reinforced, COLETANCHE geomembranes provide superior puncture and tear propagation resistance. With this superior property, it can be laid over harsher subgrades.

No stress-cracking 

The COLETANCHE geomembrane has a much longer service life than polymeric geomembranes, which
undergo stress-cracking.

Flexibility and wind resistance

COLETANCHE geomembranes are very flexible and adaptable to various canal shapes and inlet structures. The puncture resistance of COLETANCHE means that construction and maintenance vehicles can travel on COLETANCHE. The high mass of COLENTANCHE resists wind uplift.

The enhanced flexibility of COLETANCHE geomembranes means that they can be anchored or ballasted along the entire lengths of canals

Excellent Manning Coefficient

The COLETANCHE geomembrane gives a high water flow velocity in the channel and remains in constant contact with the subgrade without wrinkling.

Resistance to penetration by roots and plants vegetation

 The COLETANCHE geomembrane resists penetrations by roots and vegetation thanks to a Terphane film coating on the underside.

High density

The high density of COLETANCHE geomembranes (specific gravity of 1.22) denotes that it will not float upwards. A bitumastic sealant can be used to seal joints underwater.

Resistance to penetration by roots and plants vegetation

COLETANCHE geomembranes resists penetrations by roots and vegetation thanks to a Terphane film coating on the underside.


The COLETANCHE geomembrane can be used for irrigation canals and drinking water distribution.

Safety of the people and the animals

COLETANCHE has a high friction angle which prevents people or
animals from slipping and falling.

Coletanche se soude sur tous les supports et permet de réaliser une étanchéité homogène même sur les points de détails

Identical waterproofing quality over the entire surface of the structure

Ability to weld to all materials: concrete, PVC, steel, HDPE, etc.

Excellent UV resistance

The elastomeric binder used in the COLETANCHE ES product range provides excellent UV resistance.

Compatibility with hot mix asphalt

The bituminous composition of COLETANCHE means that hot mix asphalt can be applied directly to the geomembranes. 

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