Bituminous geomembrane for waterproofing civil engineering structures

Toromocho Mine

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Type : mine

Place : Toromocho Mine (Peru)

Surface : 136 858 m²/1 473 100 ft²



The Toromocho mine lies at an altitude of around 4,600 m above mean sea level. At this high altitude, special requirements were applied to the mill drives, and they had to be able to cope with the rugged mine environment. Water was used throughout the production chain of the mine. The creation of the dam was used to contain water pollution. The water is then recycled.



The COLETANCHE geomembrane in this project, promotes:
 No specialty installer needed, can be done by local workers
 High puncture resistance
 Excellent friction angle for slope installation (34 degree)
 Excellent weathering resistance, even when exposed
 Long life expectancy
 No time and weather constraints because the installation is possible in extreme weather conditions (rainfall, wind, hot and cold temperature).
 Resistant to UV rays