Bituminous geomembrane for waterproofing civil engineering structures

Railway bridge

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Type : Reconstruction of railway bridge

Place : Prague (Czech Republic)

Area : 5 049 m2 / 54 347 pi2

Product : Coletanche ES4 


This project of reconstruction of the waterproofing layer of RW bridge deck in Prague was realized in order to increase the capacity of RW traffic in the Prague surroundings.

Regarding this target it was decided to reconstruct the older present RW bridge on the southern border of Prague, the capital of Czech republic. This bridge over the Vltava (Moldau) river was constructed around 1950 as a RC monolithic structure with the specific slim shape of supporting arches. The construction of this bridge has some historical consequences and then it is well known in the whole Czech republic. After the State was taken over by the Communistic Party in 1948 it was decided, as a confirmation of so called leading role of the labor class in the state, to open the program of participation of Communistic Party non members working in administration in the hand working process. This bridge was chosen as an exemplary case. Thus this way a lot of so called Intelligence was pushed to work manually during the construction. Jurists, medical doctors, economists, administrative workers were constructing this bridge. This is probably only one bridge in the World being constructed by the jurists and medical doctors. In this consequence this bridge has got the alias Bridge of Intelligence.

 Structure itself is RC monolithic, having two tracks. The width of one track was constructed little bit smaller to be suitable for modern train traffic. The necessary enlargement of width, re-profilation, was one of the reasons for the reconstruction.


Coletanche was found as the most suitable solution among the others (liquid applied waterproofing, fully torched bituminous membranes….) because of the significant reduction of the time of delay using the loosely laid systems of waterproofing. Within the standard usage of or LAW or fully torched systems the contractor would have to wait for drying of new concrete re-profiled parts and also the time for the installation of either LAW, or sprinkled, spayed or painted by roller, or fully torched bituminous membranes would take much more time than the installation of the loosely laid system consisting of Coletanche ES4 and Geotextile 1000 g/m2 under and over the liner. The width of Coletanche 5.1 m is exactly the width of the most railway tracks in Europe. So the longitudinal installation of just one piece of membrane, connected each other just once by 55 m, the length of Coletanche ES4 panel, is the most efficient system in the World for the railway bridges, for the moment.