Bituminous geomembrane for waterproofing civil engineering structures

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Reservoirs and ponds

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Drinking water basins, recreational and landscaped ponds, fish farm ponds, rainwater collection ponds or fire control reservoirs ... The COLETANCHE bituminous geomembrane has for many years provided a global waterproofing solution for all these applications. Its high resistance to different geological and climatic constraints (land movements, shock and traction, extreme temperatures, etc.) and its mechanical performance ensure the sustainability of hydraulic structures.

Optimal waterproofing for the entire structure

As well as being installed over flat areas, COLETANCHE can also be used on all areas of the works where detailing is required. Waterproofing of details and joints on concrete, steel, and PVC is completed by welding and clamping. COLETANCHE is a flexible material which adapts to the geometry of a structure without creating tension at joints or details. Therefore, it is possible to guarantee that the waterproofing will be robust and durable in all areas of the works, including the more complex details

Compatibility with hydraulic concrete and bituminous asphalt

Unlike polymeric geomembranes, COLETANCHE remains wrinkle-free during temperature variations. It does not show any movement fatigue characteristics. Reinforced with a geotextile, it provides excellent mechanical performance. A concrete slab can be placed directly on the COLETANCHE® geomembrane at the bottom of and around the basin, without the risk of crushing or a chemical reaction. Because of its composition, COLETANCHE® is also the only geomembrane compatible with hot mix asphalt without the use of any protection.

The surface finish allows the direct installation of protective materials

The sanded finish on the surface of the COLETANCHE® geomembrane allows the direct addition of backfill or protective material on slopes, without any risk of slippage. The use of geogrids is therefore not required (tested by slope method with growing medium = 34° friction angle).

Exceptional resistance to climatic conditions

The elastomeric bitumen used in the manufacturing of COLETANCHE® gives it great resistance to climatic factors such as to ultraviolet rays, heat, rain and cold. This advantage allows the geomembrane to remain exposed, without any protection, for several decades without any change to its appearance or mechanical performance.

Elongation : very good resistance to differential settlement

The COLETANCHE geomembrane retains its initial mechanical values up to 35% elongation. This excellent performance, superior to that of polymeric geomembranes (passing from elastic to plastic state from 12%), allows COLETANCHE to follow differential settlement of the surface without suffering any damage.

Maintenance is straightforward and economical

it can be carried out by local contractors. The system is quick, easy to repair and requires little equipment (torch and roller). A repair consists simply of strengthening the damaged area by the addition of an extra piece of COLETANCHE which can be torched into position.

Installation is simple and is possible even in extreme weather conditions

limiting on-site interruptions and helping to meet project deadlines.


COLETANCHE® ES2 and ES3 geomembranes are NSF ANSI 61 certified by NSF International. This international standard applies to the health effects of the devices, components and materials that come into contact with drinking water.