Bituminous geomembrane for waterproofing civil engineering structures

Installation advice for the bituminous geomembrane Coletanche

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The geomembrane Coletanche is compatible with most substrates : will accept movement of the terrain and differential settlement

1. Laying rolls of the waterproof geomembrane Coletanche

A manual or hydraulic beam is used to unroll a COLETANCHE® membrane. Installing Coletanche® is straight forward and can be done by a small specialised team.

2. Torching the Colétanche membrane

The seams are welded with gas  or hot air torches.  The protective film must be removed first from the overlapping zone.


3. Anchorage and joining the membrane

Coletanche® can also be directly welded to concrete substrates (see photo of anchorage on concrete) The flexibility of COLETANCHE® offers easy  welding solutions  to metal manhole covers, other types of membranes, PVC pipes, metal poles.

4. Quality control of the waterproof geomembrane 

There are two different types of controls according to  contract specifications and/or requirements specified in the CQP :

  • Quality control of all weldings
  • Static monitoring of a predetermined percentage of  length of weldings. In any event a systematic control of initial  weldings should be carried out.

5. Back filling the Coletanche

Coletanche ® can be used under most coatings :

  • HMA surfacings, bituminous mixtures, mastic asphalt
  • Concrete and interlocking paving stones
  • Ballast (when using COLETANCHE® NTP4)
  • Coletanche ® can be used under other geomembranes made with different materials.

On site technical assistance 

We provide  efficient technical assistance from the beginning to the end  of the project :

  • Technical documents are provided : user recommendations,installation  instructions and manuals
  • Special equipment is available :  Special equipment can be used for easy installation  of COLETANCHE® geomembranes .
  • Training facilities for welding teams (training is provided by COLETANCHE® technicians).
  • Control of seams : thanks to a monitoring system exclusively developed by COLETANCHE® , the quality of all the welded  seams of a given project can be checked by means of ultra sound tests using the CAC40 method or by means of a vacuum bell jar.