Bituminous geomembrane for waterproofing civil engineering structures

 Réalisation de l'étanchéité d'un barrage avec la géomembrane Coletanche

No.1 waterproofing for civil engineering structures

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More than 14,000,000 m² or 150,000,000 ft²of COLETANCHE® bitumenous geomembranes manufactured by Axter have been laid worldwide, making it thus a star, waterproofing product for civil engineering. Its high performance and its adaptability to all types of terrain mean that it can be used in numerous ways : for the protection of the environment (the storage of solid and liquid waste , platforms for bottom ash stabilization or composting of green waste...) for water resource management (dams, reservoirs, containment basins, canals) and for transportation (motorway ditches, protection of railway ballasts...).