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Liquid waste

Construction of basins to retain polluted liquids or industrial effluents is increasing and protecting groundwater has become a priority in Europe and worldwide. COLETANCHE effectively and naturally performs its essential function – waterproofing – and offers many other advantages.
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COLETANCHE geomembrane is widely used for waterproofing leaching basins and polluted water retention basins in the mining, industrial and food-processing sectors: Salt water storage (salt mines and potash mines), sugar factories, copper and nickel mine leachates.


Mining waste is composed of natural minerals extracted from underground soils that can crack and release pollutants when brought to the surface, thus posing a risk to the ecosystem. Liquid waste is stored using dams or ponds. Waterproofing is essential to prevent erosion of the structure and infiltration of polluted water into the soil.

  • No distorsion or elongation thanks to the SBS bitumen binder is stable in water, seawater and brine environments.
  • Increase the volume storage because it doesn’t require adding a protective layer.
  • Dimensional stability: allows the structures to withstand liquid pressure because they remain flat (no folds).
  • High vertical concrete walls (dams) can also be sealed thanks to high friction angle (until 34° slope).
  • Resistance to extreme climate conditions of mine (wind, temperatures).
  • Easy to install: only one layer is efficient, no need a protective layer.
  • Longevity: excellent performances over time, even in exposed conditions.
  • Long term mechanical (tension, puncture, elongation) and chemical (leaching, acid, UV, gas) resistance
  • Compatible with all types of materials (concrete, steel, PVC, etc) by sealing or gluing.
  • Dimensional stability: no sensitive to expansion phenomena and stress cracks.

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International liquid waste references

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References in more than 70 countries
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30 Million m² laid worldwide
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